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Round up 2019!

Here we are… better late than never right?  What a very strange time we are all in now, at least it’s given me time to get this blog done if nothing else.  Last year was an amazing year for me work wise, I had some incredible second shooters along side me and the venues I worked at were just beautiful.  Also meeting new suppliers, venue staff and of course my incredible couples (you are all amazing)!  Each wedding is so unique in its own way and every couple has their own style so no wedding is ever the same. 

From the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone who still supports me after my 10th year of business.  It means the world that couples and families put their trust in me with capturing these beautiful memories and then showering me with lovely words afterwards, I have made some wonderful friends.  You guys recommend me, you like my posts you share my pictures and if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be doing what I see as the greatest job in the world. 

Now 2020 you funny old thing, I should be looking forward to my next wedding of the year but sadly that wont be happening any time soon.  I’ve had postponements till July so fingers crossed things pick up and get back to normality not too long after that.  I miss weddings so much! Currently I am watching every wedding show going and I research numerous other wedding photography pages so I feel in some way connected to the industry again and this way I am still getting inspiration for the future.  

So here we go, enjoy what 2019 had to offer me, here you’ll see all my own photos from weddings and portrait shoots all over the Midlands and Worcestershire.
In the blog I have broken the weddings up in the middle with some lifestyle, newborn, and engagement shoots to show that I also photograph other things throughout the year. 

Please continue to stay safe in these uncertain times. 

Much love to you all, 


Michelle @ SilverStar Photographic


If you got to the end of this blog thank you, I owe you a beer!