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Whitby Gothic Photo Shoot

By April 2nd, 2015Photo shoots, Weddings

Whitby Gothic Photo Shoot

Whitby Gothic Photo shoot – For some reason it has taken me 2 years to blog this! We did this shoot in February 2013 and my goodness was it a fun day! We got to Whitby the day before and sussed out where to take photos and by the next day we were all set to go! We had the fabulous Danii Shaw Make up Artist, Victorian Gothic (Full Circa) who had made the dresses, The Finer Details who created the fabulous bouquets and the models Amy, Frankie and Katie. We had a problem on the day of the shoot as one model couldn’t get to us to due transport issues so we had to go scouting for people in Whitby town! Katie was spotted and did a fantastic job for us and her red contacts really compliamented the look!

The reason behind shooting this in Whitby (not only because it’s our favourite place to holiday in the UK!) is because Whitby is where Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and these dresses were inspired by the four lairs of Dracula (one still to come) and were designed to be big statement pieces with accessories to compliment the look. I really wanted the dresses to pop out whilst still seeing the details of the gorgeous Whitby in the background such as the famous Whalebone Arch and the beautiful Whitby Abbey.  This shoot was also featured on the fantastic Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride blog which we were all very proud of. See it here.

Now I mentioned there was a fourth dress, we carried this on and in February 2014 we did part 2 of the shoot at the gorgeous Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford Upon Avon. This hotel is known for it’s Gothic style and features so was perfect for the shoot. We had the beautiful Pixie modeling this shoot for us, Danii Shaw again did the make up, the hair was by the fantastic Sally Scissorhands, bouquet by The Finer Details and the dress again by Victorian Gothic (Full Circa).

This shoot was to represent the flight back to Transylvania and there are references to the previous shoot we did in Whitby in the scene where Pixie is sat on the bench. We had a fab time doing these two shoots and it is so great to know that there are amazing alternatives to ordinary bridal wear so that you can feel completely yourself on your wedding day. Full list of credits below.

Whitby Abbey Whitby Gothic2015-01-30_0582015-01-30_059Whitby AbbeyWhitby Whalebone Arch2015-01-30_0622015-01-30_0632015-01-30_0642015-01-30_0652015-01-30_0662015-01-30_0672015-01-30_0682015-01-30_0692015-01-30_0702015-01-30_0712015-01-30_0722015-01-30_0732015-01-30_0742015-01-30_0752015-01-30_0762015-01-30_0772015-01-30_0782015-01-30_0792015-01-30_0802015-01-30_0812015-01-30_0822015-01-30_0832015-01-30_0842015-01-30_085

Shoot 2 at Ettington Park Hotel – Stratford Upon Avon2015-01-30_0862015-01-30_0872015-01-30_0882015-01-30_0892015-01-30_0902015-01-30_0912015-01-30_0922015-01-30_0932015-01-30_0942015-01-30_0952015-01-30_0962015-01-30_0972015-01-30_0982015-01-30_099Ettington Park Hotel 2015-01-30_1012015-01-30_1022015-01-30_1032015-01-30_1042015-01-30_105Credits

Shoot 1

Shoot 2

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