A Wootton Park Wedding – Abi & Chris

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A Wootton Park Wedding

Wootton Park was the ideal location for Abi and Chris’ wedding reception. Such a gorgeous venue at any time of the year. Abi and Chris got married in November 2014 at a lovely church in Chipping Campden. This was their local church so it meant a lot for them to have their ceremony there. With it being quite late in the year we managed to take the couple out for the shots of the two of them in the ‘golden hour’. The lighting was absolutley beautiful, and I could have been out there all day despite it being bitterly cold! We even managed to get them in the boat for a few shots!

The majority of the suppliers were friends and volunteers which was just lovely and added such a personal feel to it. The Venue included so much for them too such as the accommodation, transport and fireworks and the gorgeous dress, bridesmaid dresses, tiara and shoes were purchased from the lovely Shakespeare in love in Stratford upon Avon.

Thanks to the awesome Nicola @ Daffodil Waves for helping out on this one! Hope you enjoy this winter wedding 🙂

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