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By April 9, 2014April 25th, 2014Portraits

Something different for you guys today. A few weeks ago we experienced the ‘Mother Road’! A massive tick off the bucket list when we journeyed across America on Route 66. We travelled through 8 states including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois (more photos of our trip coming soon!) Whilst we were in Vegas we met up with a gorgeous couple called Belinda and Tony, they are AMAZEBALLS photographers and we did a photoshoot with them! We met up with them in Treasure Island for a bourbon (as you do!) the night before and pretty much chatted about everything! They are such a beautiful pair and so easy to get along with, so we knew the shoot would be fun! We met up in the morning and ventured off to a water basin and we actually spent about 3 hours there in the hot hot heat taking pics and just generally having a laugh! It was very strange being the other side of the camera! I was determined to get my Zombie dress in the pics so we then went to a car park where we met the ‘rabbit bug bird’ and saw lots of graffiti and other cool spots! Why don’t we live in Vegas??? There are so many awesome photo opportunities! Anywho here are some of our faves from the shoot, and for those who don’t know us yet or know what SilverStar Photographic look like…here we are! Much love to the beauts that are Belinda and Tony of Belinda Louann Photography.

2014-04-09_001 2014-04-09_002 2014-04-09_003 2014-04-09_004 2014-04-09_005 2014-04-09_006 2014-04-09_007 2014-04-09_008 2014-04-09_009 2014-04-09_010 2014-04-09_011 2014-04-09_012 2014-04-09_013 2014-04-09_014 2014-04-09_015 2014-04-09_016 2014-04-09_017 2014-04-09_018 2014-04-09_019 2014-04-09_020 2014-04-09_021 2014-04-09_022 2014-04-09_023 2014-04-09_024 2014-04-09_025 2014-04-09_026 2014-04-09_027 2014-04-09_028 2014-04-09_029 2014-04-09_030 2014-04-09_031 2014-04-09_032


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