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A Birmingham City Wedding – Karen & Gareth

By December 9, 2015March 30th, 2016Weddings

A Birmingham City Wedding

In May last year we photographed a gorgeous couples wedding in Birmingham. Karen & Gareth had a very non-traditional day and it was so awesome! I met with Karen just as she was about to leave the hotel room and Rich met Gareth at The Custard Factory. Karen and I then got a taxi to where Gareth was so they could see each other in their wedding attire for the first time. It was so magical to photograph a ‘first look’. Would love to shoot more of these, we both had a tear in our eyes! We then took to the streets of Digbeth and did their couple shoot and bundled them up into our car and went off towards the centre of town. We joined them for a cocktail first and then quickly checked our watches as it was time for the ceremony!

We walked up to Birmingham register office where they greeted their guests. (Can we just take a second to appreciate the cuteness of their daughter Edie!) It was super chilled and relaxed day and honestly didn’t feel like work. The ceremony at Birmingham Register office was gorgeous, then a few group pics before we walked down the canal to Piccolino‘s for their wedding breakfast.

At around 6pm a big red bus arrived to take them and their guests off to the next stop which was Vertu in the Jewellery Quarter. Such a fabulous day filled with love, laughter and fun!

More weddings like this please 😀

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A lovely review from the couple here…

“Michelle and Richard really are the coolest couple to have as your wedding photographers. Michelle captured the day beautifully and we are so happy with our cool contemporary photos. We met them for a drink before the day to discuss the style we wanted. I told Michelle I hated having my picture taken, especially candid shots as I look terrible in them. She very sweetly smiled and replied “you’ll change your mind” and she was flippin right… The ones I’m not posing for are some of my favourites of me EVER… I have no hesitation in recommending these guys they really are the best… love Karen and Gareth Ebbon.”

Flowers by Pollen Floral Joy

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